Coronavirus and our response

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Chapel Life and the Coronavirus

We at Wrington Chapel have responded to the current crisis by ceasing all public gatherings. However, that doesn’t mean we cease being a church. Church is the people not the building, and we are working hard to find ways to continue supporting and encouraging each other.

So please look out for those members of the fellowship and the community that you know. Make contact and see if they are okay – that is one way to continue to be good followers of Jesus. And please share any relevant information.

Our pastoral care group is still the place to share concerns for people that need prayer and perhaps some practical help.

Our Elders will continue to ring round and check that all is well.

We are working to provide some material for children to use as a ‘home church.’

Our Sunday messages will continue to be placed on the website. We are also working to develop a You Tube link that will guide you through songs and prayers to fit the message. Hopefully that will be operational soon.(See below. Ed)

This news letter will give you some information, but for more in-depth guidance, go to our website at If you are unable to access the internet, please let us know and we will still try to provide you with information and some worship material on CD.

As our system develops, we will update you.

Mainly, continue to pray, to trust in our Saviour, and to support each other.

Every blessing

Duncan                                             20 March 2020


Please click here to find the latest message (i.e Duncans usual Sunday sermon)

Please click here to find the u-tube ‘service’ for the current week  It will include childrens activities