Coronavirus and our response

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Duncans update for 10 th January 2021

Sadly, as with most churches, and following the guidance of our own denomination, Wrington Chapel is currently closed. We feel this to be the right decision in order to safeguard both regular worshippers and visitors. Hopefully, if we are able, we will reopen for services after the half-term break in February. This is only a hope at present, and opening may be later. When we do open, we also do not know whether we can have full weekly services, or a ‘light’ service twice a month. Meanwhile, we continue to post a weekly message from our minister, and a set of study notes for your use if you wish to consider the week’s message further. Other events happen from time to time, normally by Zoom, for various age groups. Please, therefore, be patient with us. This is an evolving situation, and we are all learning as we go. Pray that we are able to continue serving this area in the way we should.


Chapel Life and the Coronavirus

Wrington Chapel and COVID-19

Posted 6 June 2020

To maintain care for our community, all public gatherings at Wrington Chapel have been suspended since March. Any possible reopening is still uncertain, and is dependent on Government and Synod guidance. Even then, church life may well be in a restricted format for a while.

However, we continue to be church. We support and encourage each other in many different ways. To that end, we continue to look out for members of the fellowship and the community. If you are concerned about anyone, let us know and we will make contact. This website, together with our weekly news sheet, are the foci of information and support. So please use them however you can.

Our pastoral care group shares concerns, confidentially, for those who need prayer and practical help.

Our Elders provide oversight and check that all is well.

Weekly material is supplied for children to use as a ‘home church.’

Sunday messages are available on the website.

Keep an eye out for information and reports as they become available. We will post them as soon as possible. If you know of anyone unable to access the internet, leave a message and we will try to provide information and worship in an alternative format.

Bless you all. Continue to pray, to trust in our Saviour, and to support each other.



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