Coronavirus and our response

This page is being will be updated as and when appropriate to availability of news and content.

Coronavirus and our Response

Updated 24 Jan 2022

At Wrington Chapel, we want to act responsibly and lovingly towards others. Our services are open, and all are welcome. With the news that all restrictions in England will be relaxed on Thursday (27th Jan), we have put thought and prayer into our current response.

The Coronavirus outbreak is proving to be an epidemic not just a pandemic, and we must all learn to live with it for some time yet. We are also aware that restrictions are hard for some to bear. To that end, our Church Meeting has decided to broadly follow the advice from Westminster.

Those who wish to not wear masks may do so during our services. We will also reinstate a time of coffee after the service. However, we ask all those who enter our buildings to follow suitable hygiene regimes:

  • use a hand wash
  • take a lateral flow test if you feel in any way unsure of your health
  • try not to congregate in large groups
  • be aware of the vulnerabilities of others at all times.

We intend to provide good air flow, and all those who share in coffee afterwards can spread throughout the ground floor, wherever they feel safest.

Can we keep to the nature of God, as shown to us in Jesus, caring for other people more than for ourselves. Then we will be able to always gather successfully.

Thank you


Update on 29th September 2021

We are almost back to normal now. Services are every Sunday at 0930 hrs and children join us at the beginning of the service and leave to go to their own time in the schoolrooms. Masks are optional and we reserve an area of the chapel where folk who prefer can observe social distancing.

Coffee is served at the rear of the chapel to avoid a more crowded situation in the schoolrooms after service.

If you have not come to chapel for some time now is a good time to join us again – you will find a warm welcome awaits as we worship together once again.

If you have any questions please contact our minister, Duncan, or our secretary Marshall Clements who will be glad to help.

Update from Church Meeting on 21st July 2021

On 21st July 2021 The Church Meeting discussed our current situation regarding the Corona virus situation:-

Whilst we understand that no one can be forced, the Church Meeting would like to ask everyone, for the time being,  to continue to comply with the procedure we have grown used to during lockdown. That is: masks are not mandatory, but please wear a mask in order to sing; distanced seating to remain; no Sunday school during the School holidays; no gathering in large groups; no coffee within the chapel, but we encourage people to host after-church coffee in their gardens where possible. 

Coronavirus and Our Response (April 2021 update)

Together with most other churches, we have been closed for ‘live’ services and events. In its place, we made full use of telephone, Zoom and other internet media. Now, assuming the Government’s roadmap to be achievable,  and following the guidance of our own denomination, our plan is to reopen on Pentecost – 23rd May.

This is exciting, yet many restrictions will still be in place. As yet, congregational singing indoors will not be allowed, and many other distance and hygiene regulations will remain. Some of these may well be relaxed in June, God willing.

When we open on 23rd May, our plan is to hold a ‘light’ service on as many Sundays as possible. At first, these will all be led ‘in-house’, with plans to include outside speakers when it is both safe and practicable; so please keep an eye on all the news posted.

Meanwhile, we will continue to post a weekly message from our minister, and a set of study notes for your use if you wish to consider the week’s message further. Other events will happen from time to time. Some may take place in gardens, or by Zoom, for various age groups. But be patient. Our overriding principle in all of this is to be safe and secure, extending God’s love to the community by putting our members and friends to as little risk as possible.

Pray that our plans come to fruition and that, whatever the next stage in this journey, we may still serve this area in the way we should.



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