Fred’s Thoughts

Fred was ordained as an elder to our felloeship in April 2022. (Click here to see his profile) Soon after that our minister Duncan retired and Fred has responded to the chalenge of filling the gap left by him in his ‘Ministers Musings.’ slot.

Freds Thoughts for June 2023

Fred has given us another challenging piece for this month, APRIL, and David Jewell has already reviewed it and made some interesting comments.

It is such an important part of our Christian faith that we hope some of you will comment so that we can share each others views on this.

If you reply to me derekdavey@gmail .com or to Fred we will share it on this site.

Fred has another challenge for us this month (March). Take the time to read them and please consider a reply as it is helpful to know what is interesting you at this time

Fred has posed some intereting thoughts for January 2023 so we look forward to some interesting replies.

Scroll down to view all the file or download it to view on your device as a pdf which you can then save for later.