Hiring our Halls and Rooms

Wrington Chapel can be hired by anyone in the community for meetings, events, classes, parties etc. There are three areas for rent, the upper and lower schoolrooms and the chapel area itself. The upper room has no direct access to the kitchen so this may need to be borne in mind if the lower room is also in use.

Charges are £7 per hour

Enquiries and bookings can be made by contacting Mel Hodgkinson
Tel: 01934 861119   email  hodgkinsonmel@gmail.com
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We often get asked, being a place of worship on what the rooms can be used for.
We do not have many restrictions but we have recently issued a statement of our conditions for hire.

Use of Wrington Chapel Premises

The members and Elders of Wrington Chapel wish to accommodate, as far as possible, outside groups hoping to use the chapel premises. However, within the desire to be open and welcoming, some activities are not tolerated, and some are excluded because of the need for unity and peace within our fellowship.
We reserve the right to cancel arrangements to use the premises if it comes to our attention that any of the following guidelines are breached.
  1. Protecting the Vulnerable
Wrington Chapel premises must be a safe place for everyone, especially for the young and vulnerable members of our community. Therefore we will not tolerate any activities which include or promote any anti-social, demeaning or harmful activity.
2. The Use of Alcohol
Alcohol is not allowed on our premises, and we ask you to respect this decision. Some members of our society struggle because of the effects of alcohol. For them to know that alcohol will not be present is a great release.
3. Activities with Non-Christian Religious Backgrounds
Wrington Chapel is a Christian place of worship. As such, the premises will not be made available to any group who would practice, or appear to practice, activities based on religious understandings other than Christian.
This has implications for the teaching of, for example, physical activities such as yoga and others. Many of these activities come from an alternative religion, and were linked to a spiritual practice. As such, some members of the church fellowship find it impossible to reconcile such practices with the precepts of Christian faith, even if the spiritual element of the exercises is not overtly practiced. For the sake, then, of harmony within the church, the above decision has been made with respect and love. This is making no judgements about individual groups or their teachers, but simply for peace.
January 2017