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Pony and Cow

This picture was used to illustrate Paul’s sermon On Sunday 29th July

pony and cow (2)

Interested ??  Go here to listen to the sermon


Life After Death talks in the Autumn

By Duncan

Posted 19 June 2018

Life after Death


Scroll Down for Dawns Baptism

Posted 8th April 2018

Here are some pictures of a great time of celebration as Dawn was baptised in chapel on Sunday 8th April 2018

Our whole church family were present and many visitors came as well.  The baptism was followed by a Lunch together in the schoolroom which was packed to capacity – a realy wonderful time.

  1. Dawn confesses her beliefs

Dawns Baptism 6












2. Entering the baptistry with Paul reassurance

Dawns Baptism 5

Dawns Baptism 43. A last prayer



4. The baptism !!

Dawns Baptism 3

5.   Where is she ??!!

Dawns Baptism 2

6.  All wet, lots of applause and some tears around the congregation

Dawns Baptism 1


Here is a picture of the new “Boiler Room” for the new heating.   Installed August 2017

The one on the left is the plumber, the one on the right is He Who Knows the answers to your “How do we work this thing” questions.

New boilers

See Our new chairs which were installed during June 2017