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Church Meeting on Wednesday 17th January 2018 will be different

Here is a note from Anna Stockham

At the next Church Meeting, on Wednesday 17th January, we are starting earlier than usual at 7pm with coffee/tea and cake on arrival. The first item on the agenda is a half hour presentation by Jonathan Lee, Chief Executive at Crisis Centre Ministries. He will tell us about the work of CCM so that we can then decide in the near future about partnering with this charity.

CCM is a Christian charity that has been working in Bristol for over 30 years, dedicated to those with life disrupting problems, such as homelessness and addiction, to enjoy a healthy and independent life. Their purpose is to transform lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable and marginalised in the community. Their mission is to empower personal change through:

  1. Provision of food, encouragement and advice to the HUNGREY
  2. The provision of emergency shelter and key working support to the HOMELESS and,
  3. Serving, providing community, learning and sharing faith to those LACKING HOPE.

To check their website click here

Posted 20 December 2017


Check out the Whats on /  Social events page for Shwing of “The Shack” in February 2018

Posted 28 Jan ’18


Have you looked at the forum now open on this site?  Why not comment?


Man vv Woman recordings now available on “Recordings” tab
(Persevere with 6th October recording as sound from DVD when played did not record clearly.  Remainder of talk is OK)
posted 9th October 2017


Sunday School Christmas Nativity
Sunday 17th December
keep this date free to enjoy the fun as we let the Sunday School loose during morning worship


Here is a picture of the new “Boiler Room” for the new heating.Installed August 2017
The one on the left is the plumber, the one on the right is He Who Knows the answers to your “How do we work this thing” questions.

New boilers

See Our new chairs which were installed during June 2017