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Check out the social events pages for Antidote to Haloween and chapel Breakfasts

Posted 24th October 2017


Have you looked at the forum now open on this site?  Why not comment?


Lindors Church Weekend.  Please note that the chapel will be closed for this Sunday (5th November) as almost  all of us will be away in the Forest of Dean
Posted 21 October 2017


Man vv Woman recordings now available on “Recordings” tab
(Persevere with 6th October recording as sound from DVD when played did not record clearly.  Remainder of talk is OK)
posted 9th October 2017


Sunday School Christmas Nativity
Sunday 17th December
keep this date free to enjoy the fun as we let the Sunday School loose during morning worship


Here is a picture of the new “Boiler Room” for the new heating.Installed August 2017
The one on the left is the plumber, the one on the right is He Who Knows the answers to your “How do we work this thing” questions.

New boilers

See Our new chairs which were installed during June 2017